Auto-aplicación con Flare Lashes, pestañas en ramillete

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Auto-aplicación con Flare Lashes, pestañas en ramillete

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Invitado Dom, 22 ene 2012
Son estupendas, espero que cuando las use tenga la misma habilidad que tú, buen trabajo y gracias por tu consejo!!
Invitado Vie, 10 feb 2012
Invitado Vie, 13 abr 2012
Invitado Mié, 23 oct 2013
Thanks for these thoughts. I'm in a hotel room in England, watiing for a wedding tomorrow and it's probably more nerve-wracking for me than the bride or groom! I am a Christian + have had SA for 15yrs and with God's help am working with it + getting through it. Just some days (like tomorrow) are a bit scary. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll think if that when I'm talking to strangers tomorrow. God bless.
Invitado Jue, 24 oct 2013
Invitado Mar, 29 oct 2013
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Invitado Vie, 8 nov 2013
Invitado Lun, 11 nov 2013
What a coincidence Janie. I had a psfnersiooal makeover today too as well as a fill and new color for my acrylic nails. I'll be posting the pictures on Facebook. Fun day. Took myself to a local bar and grill and then to a neighbor's house. I try to be humble, timid and modest (BS) but somehow seem to liven up the party. What's a girl to do? Let me don my blonde wig, start chewing gum then look wide eyed and unknowing and say, I don't get it. Duh. Stereotypical nonsense of course but the picture tickles me. It's 11:30 PM and I've been all fluffed up all day and I'm reluctant to take it all off. Too much fun I'm afraid and the idea of Cinderella's coach turning back into a pumpkin is a downer but tomorrow is a new day and I just might pick up where I left off. I've been in a very girly mood lately and I can see nothing's going to stop me from expressing it. Tear it up girls or sit through your period. More to come Shirley [url=]wzcbmrpnf[/url] [link=]kibobwldgm[/link]
Invitado Lun, 5 jun 2017
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